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The Shakuboozle

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Joined: 05 Apr 2011
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PostPosted: 2014-05-27, 08:13    Post subject: The Shakuboozle Reply with quote

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Ok for those who just can’t get enough listening to Watazumi , Okuda, and other great jinasti or hochicku players, or ji players for that matter. And wishing it was live. Here’s a little experimental setup for the almost live effect

Hopefully I uploaded Shakuboozle Post.pdf

Enjoy or have a chuckle at my madness, it’s all good

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Joined: 05 Apr 2011
Posts: 12
Localisation: Austin, TX USA

PostPosted: 2014-05-27, 17:13    Post subject: The Shakuboozle Reply with quote

I'll try this another way, direct posting. Also, iPhone 5S superior audio output provides much better experience for this set up, the mono audio output port is on right verses left on 3GS,

Shakuboozle, an almost live venue experience.

Gary Carpenter 2014

The picture below always makes me wonder what it would be like to listen a great jinasti shakuhachi player like Watazumi from a few feet away, and I always wonder what these massive jinashi shakuhachi Watazumi played sounded like in person….

He famously once played a plumbing pipes as a demonstration, so I didn’t feel I would offend him if I tried to let Watazumi play one of my jinashi shakuhachi’s.

Origins of the Shakuboozle

I observed two things, first and most obvious, playing a recording over a decent sound system verses sitting a few feet from a someone playing live are very different experiences. Listening live the sound emanates from the embrasure, the finger holes (Tsu,Re…) and the base ( Ro) and the bamboo itself would vibrate. The live sound comes from more than one place envelopes you when close to the player.
The second observation, more critical to my device was observed while listening to Watazumi on my iPhone without head phones one day. I observed the mono output port ( located near to one side of the dock connection ) and could feel the intense air stream move even on the quiet sections. Also the port was not terribly different in size to the embrasure when one is playing the shakuhachi.

With a little time on my hands over a rainy holiday weekend , I decided to create the Shakuboozle. By marrying a old iPhone 3GS with a jinashi shakuhachi as a tuned resonance chamber in order to get a near live effect
Much to my surprise and delight my first experiment was successful! The bamboo vibrated as Watazumi reached a power note and to my surprise notes seemed to selectively vent out different finger holes. I was able to split the iPhone output at the utaguchi allowing some of the sound to pass through the flute some to exit directly to the outside world with some effect. I used one of my large bore 2.4’s, the same length reported for the recording of Saji used. Not surprisingly I got the most satisfying results when the resonate shakuhachi matched the recording shakuhachi length.
Encouraged by this early experiment , I tried to get my kids to hold the phone and the flute in precise orientation for several minutes by hand, so I could sit a few feet away and listen for several minutes….. no not happening …….

So the Shakuboozle apparatus was constructed to allow further experimentation and enjoyment

First Picture
1 iPhone 3GS with favorite recordings
2 A iPhone dashboard holder
3 piece of clear plastic glued to top of #4
4 ½” adjustable length irrigation head
5 two velco straps.
6 PVC ½” pipe and fittings

I can’t claim that this is an accurate reproduction of original live performance experience, but it is a interesting and pleasing (imho ) way to give a new twist to listening to recorded material, to try and simulate the intimate setting of a master and student or front row of a performance.

Still to be done is to try a massive piece of bamboo like what in the picture above and so see how it sounds, also try some of the old vinyl recording of Watazumi and others to see if the Shakuboozle selectively filters out some the recording artifacts.

If your intrigued enough to try it …….

Picture 2
It relative easy to try the basic setup to see if you experience similar results, this is best done in a live and quiet room. First locate the iPhone’s mono output port by covering the ports until the sound is muted. Select a shakuhachi close to the length of your recording, hold iPhone with the port 3-4 mm from the utaguchi. Angling the sound stream across the utaguchi. Now the hard part, convince a friend to hold it while you move across to the student position to listen. Hopefully you will experience the displaced sound and vibration too. Play around with the angle moving the phone away and to the utaguchi.

Enjoy or have a chuckle at my madness, it’s all good.

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